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We are working in Siberia (ALTAI)!

This is a unique natural place that has a beautiful and rich nature and a real ecology!

We are pleased to offer you our services in the implementation in your country NATURAL and ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly products manufactured in Russia. Products have no GMO and naturally grown.

Pride Profit is a group of companies - manufacturer, Exporter and International seller - which works in the field of preparation, production, packaging, export, customs clearance, import and logistics.

We offer raw materials and finished products for export, which will be in demand in various areas of the food industry and additives, Dietary food and sports nutrition, for the production of medicine, cosmetics and rejuvenation, perfumery, biotechnology and other fields!
  • Unique and mysterious Siberia (RUSSIA)

    Siberia is a unique land and its diversity is incredible! One of the most ecological places on the Planet! The nature of Siberia has a stunning and grandiose scale and diversity. Vegetation has tremendous purity and naturalness. Huge variety of animal species. All the products grown and produced here are a wonderful product and naturality bearing a benefit for man and the environment! Only real raw materials and finished products with a unique biologic-chemical composition!

  • ALTAI is one of the best parts of Siberia!

    Which has rich natural resources of flora and fauna. A lot of mountains, rivers, forests in different climatic zones. The products obtained here have a high standard corresponding to international quality standards for cosmetology, medicine, dietary supplements, household chemicals, industry, etc. The most delicious and healthy Honey, nutritious and vitamin-rich oils from the Siberian cedar nut, roots, herbs, oils and preparations, balms and amazing souvenirs from them and much more! All this we are doing here!

Produced in Siberia! 100% Quality and Environmental Guarantee

The best quality at affordable prices from the Manufacturer and the Exporter from Russia.

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Fir needle Essential oil (Ábies sibírica)

Essential oil from natral sprigs of Siberian fir. This fragrance is a unique and useful environmentally friendly and extremely valuable vegetable product! This has been proven by many scientists around the world. Fir oil contains essential oils, tannins, organic acids, vitamins C and E, carotenoids, phytoncides and other complex organic compounds that make this essential oil truly unique. Very nice is the delicate aroma of fir oil.

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Pine Nuts oil (Pinus sibirica)

A unique, natural, exceptionally useful and uniquely palatable product for a daily diet. It is a real natural storehouse of microelements and vitamins, a rich taste and easily absorbed by our body additive to food. Cedar oil is obtained from the core of the Siberian cedar nut, by cold pressing, which guarantees the preservation of all the useful properties of the original product.

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Sea buckthorn Juice & Oil (Siberian)

After the seabuckthorn bones are separated through the wiper and squeezed out the juice,  which is heated and degreased by the centrifugation method, separating the oil from it. Pasteurize and pack in barrels or another container. High content of vitamins and microelements. Harmonious balance of the biological complex. For food intake, medicine and cosmetology.

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Sunflower oil, Siberian Refined Edible

Oil from natural seed of sunflower in Altai. Excellent quality and composition. It has real natural benefits and applications in food and food additives.

  • Deliveries of a guaranteed natural product

    – Without intermediaries and without sales agents!

  • Experience in international supply and negotiations

    – Wide coverage of Business Partners in many countries of the world!

  • GC "PRIDE PROFIT" is your reliable partner-supplier!


We offer a unique cooperation of interested companies from different countries. The main offer is natural raw materials, semi-finished products, and also finished products grown and obtained in the ecological conditions of Siberia (Russia). And also the services of the Exporter for a product from Russia that interests you! Send a request to our email address, we are ready to cooperate! Our partners and friends: USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Serbia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries!

Company group PRIDE PROFIT: Manufacturer and importer

If you are a major importer or have a trading network and want to receive a quality natural product then you should contact us! Form for feedback (right).

Уважаемые Друзья!

Вас приветствует ГК «Прайд Профит», расположенная на территории Алтайского края (Алтай) в городе Барнаул Российской Федерации! Компания специализируется на внешнеэкономической деятельности: импорт, экспорт, международная логистика.

А также занимается сбором (заготовкой), производством и фасовкой (в т.ч. по международным стандартам) натурального растительного сырья природного происхождения, полученного в экологически чистых районах Сибири и имеющего уникальные естественные полезные свойства.

Поставки в различных видах фасовки, любого объема, таможенное и логистическое сопровождение, любые виды расчетов. Постоянно находимся в поиске интересных вариантов и взаимовыгодного сотрудничества с отечественными и иностранными партнерами.

Наш адрес: Российская Федерация, 656064, СФО, Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, ул. Сельскохозяйственная 4Е (2 эт.)

Дополнительная информация по продукции, ценам и условиям сотрудничества предоставляется через запрос по телефону: 8 3852 50-12-70 (+4 ч МСК), на эл.почту: prideprofit@yandex.ru или через форму обратной связи (справа).

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